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History of the name Kadayam  
The name "Kadayam" is a variant of the term "Kedayam" which is a form of a war shield. It is a legend among the inhabitants of Kadayam that hundreds of years of ago, a Goddess Nithya Kalyani, the reincarnation of Goddess Parvathi showed her 'rudhra swaroopa' (personification of rage) at the villagers for pursuing material values at the cost of performing their religious and dharmic duties. The Goddess' anger manifested itself in the form of successive deaths of the priests who were to perform the Daily Puja for Her. After the deaths of seven priests on seven successive days, the villagers begged the Goddess for forgiveness. When her anger subsided, she threw her "Kedayam" and it fell at a place 4 miles away from the temple. The villagers migrated to this spot where the "Kedayam" fell. Eventually, the new location came to be known as the village of Kadayam.

Another legend says that the people were originally living around the Kalyani Amman temple and the usual noises and disturbances in the society like cries, laughter, shouting, etc. gave disturbing time for the Goddess and quiet peace eluded. She pulled out a Kadagam (Bracelet in ancient Tamil) and threw it to a distance and asked the inhabitants to go and reside round the spot where the bracelet fell. Thus, this place was known as Kadagam, which later came to be known as Kadayam.
Kadayam is a Panchayat Union Headquarters, situated at about 20 kms from Tenkasi and about 16 kms from Ambasamudram. It is also about 45 kms from Tirunelveli, and is an important commercial place in the district of Tirunelveli as the largest grower of lime fruit. Kadayam is also the birth place of Smt. Chellammal, wife of the legendary freedom fighter and great Tamil poet of the pre-independence India, Sri Subramania Bharathi. In the days of freedom struggle, Sri Subramania Bharathi, stayed in Pazhiya Gramam of Kadayam, with his family. People who lived in Kadayam during the 1930s & 1940s recollect the days when Sri Subramania Bharathi used to walk up to Nithyakalayani Amman Temple and sit on the flat squarish big stone and sing (create history) his several songs including the famous Kali songs, and the Panchali Sabhadam, etc. They also recollect his affection towards all living beings, including donkeys. At that time the village had several donkeys, and many a time, Sri Bharathiar used to hug the donkeys straying into the Pazhaya gramam. He sang his famous "Chinnanchiru Kiliye", "Odi Vilayadu Pappa", "Kaani Nilam Vendum", songs in the village when his second daughter used to play around in the road outside his house. After his death in Chennai in 1949, his family came down to Kadayam and stayed for about 10 years where after they shifted residence to Chennai. His descendants are now in Chennai and Mumbai. One of his great grand-son Sri Rajkumar Bharathi shined as a noted carnatic singer. For further details on the history of Kadayam please refer to "Historical Facts about Kadayam"

Places To Visit Around Kadayam
Historically Kadayam is a place around which there are several religious towns, places of tourist importance etc. One can visit Courtallam the famous waterfalls, which is only 16 kms. from Kadayam, and also Arulmigu Kasi Viswanathar temple in Tenkasi which means Kasi Shetram in south. There are also famous temples like Bhramhadesam Siva temple, Mannarkoil Vishnu temple (where Lord Vishnu can be worshipped in three postures, i.e. standing, sitting and reclining like Srirangam), Nava Thiruppathi temples i.e. nine divyashetrams of Lord Vishnu and Nava Siva Shetrams, both around Tirunelveli, besides the Nellaiappar temple.

The other tourist spots Agasthiar falls Papavinasam, Manimutharu Dam, etc. are near Ambassamudram. Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary is also a place worth visiting. The famous Sorimuthian (Sastha, as powerful as the Sabarimalai Sastha) temple is also near Kaariyar Dam (Papavinasam). One can also visit Sivasailam at Alwarkurichi, Sri Abhayahastha Hanuman temple in Kadayanallur Krishnapuram, Sankarankovil (Ardhanareeswarar and Sankaranainar, Goddess Gomathi), Sree Villipuththur (Sree Andal and Periazhvar)and Lord Murugan temple a Tiruchendur which are at a distance of an hour's drive. For the exact location of Kadayam please refer to "How to get to Kadayam"
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