Historical Facts about the temple within temple precincts

Grace of the Goddess  
There are several special meanings for the name "KALYANI". "Kalyan" in Sanskrit means "Mangalam", "bliss", "kaarunya","giver of good things", etc. Further, the Goddess being "Nithyakalyani", She would always and ever bestow good things.

In Puranas
Historical fact about Kadayam appears in Kapilo Puranam. It is the belief that there was a war between Devas and Asuras led by Kampasuran, when Ayodhya Chakravarthi Dasaratha Maharaja came and fought in support of Devendran, and killed several asuras. To rid the sin arising out of those killings, King Dassaratha, took bath in the river "Thathva Saara" river created by Sage Agasthya. At that spot, King Dasaratha worshipped Lord Vilvavananathar who came out as a "Suyambu Lingam". Thereafter, King Dasarath begot four sons, one of whom, Lord Rama was the incarnation of Lord Narayanan. After ascention of the throne by Lord Rama, it is said that there were no untimely deaths in his Ram Rajya. One Asura, Sumbugan, was jealousy of this situation, and he commenced a thapas to reverse the situation. Hence, Lord Rama killed the asura, Sumbugan and to atone the sin, Lord Rama took bath in the nearby river "Thaththuvasara" and worshipped Lord Vilvavananathar and Goddess Nithyakalyani. From that time this river, which runs west of Arulmigu Nithyakalyani Amman temple, came to be known as "RAMA NADHI".

Rare Bilwa Tree
In the Puranas, it is said that Lord Shiva gave a Bilwa Fruit to Brahma Devan, who broke it into three parts, and planted one in Kailash, the second part in the mid-Bharath Meru Hills, and the third in the South Pothigai Hill Dhwaatha Santha Hill. The temple of Lord Vilvavananathar is situate in this Dhwaatha Santha Hill. It is also said that Devas maintained the tree by watering for it regularly. This tree very rarely gives Bilwa fruit, which, if broken, contains the Shiva Linga Bhanam. Some natives living here in the past century, had the luck to get such a fruit and they are reportedly keeping it a treasure.

In the temple
Though this is a Siva temple, there are several sculptures depicting many events from the RAMAYANA. The incident of King Dasaratha, through a mistaken impression, killing a lad Saravanan who was fetching water for his blind parents, and that parents giving a curse to the King that he would also die of "Puthra Soham", appears on the main door of the temple. This event reportedly occurred in the dense forest surrounding the temple. Thereafter, King Dasaratha prayed before Lord Vilvavananathar, and sought the Lord's forgiveness.
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